Mark your calendars for the 19th Annual Regatta at Lake Arthur - August 5th & 6th, 2017

2018 DockDogs Competition

3 Rivers DockDogs, member club of DockDogs Worldwide, is pleased and excited to partner with The Regatta at Lake Arthur (Moraine State Park) to bring a full two-day event of dynamic competition to Butler County! DockDogs is the World’s Premier Canine Aquatics Competition.

Spectators of this event can expect to see high-flying and long-jumping dogs of a wide variety of breeds. From the small Jack Russell Terrier to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, these dogs will be sure to delight people of all ages! Some jump big and some jump small, but every dog loves what they do and give it their all every time they get on the dock.

From Big Air, the long jump for dogs, to Speed Retrieve, when all that matters is getting to a bumper suspended just above the water at the end of the pool in the fastest time possible, the action is always non-stop fun! The third discipline of DockDogs, Extreme Vertical, gives these fun-loving canines the chance to show just how high they can fly! There is nothing quite like watching a dog soar 8 feet straight above the water to retrieve the bumper suspended there.

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2018 Schedule:

Saturday August 4, 2018

Onsite Registration/Practice – 10:30 am
Big Air Wave # 1 – 11:30 am
Big Air Wave # 2 – 1:30 pm
Big Air Wave # 3 – 3:30 pm
Extreme Vertical (All in One Finals) – 5:30 pm

Sunday August 5, 2018

Onsite Registration/Practice – 9:30 am
Big Air Wave # 4 – 10:30 am
Big Air Wave # 5 – 12:30 pm
Speed Retrieve (All in One) – 2:30 pm
Big Air Finals – 4:00 pm (Pro, Semi Pro, Contender & Amateur Finals)


Click here to view the 2018 Docks Dogs Competition at the Regatta at Lake Arthur flyer. 


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