Mark your calendars for the 21st Annual Moraine State Park Regatta - August 3rd & 4th, 2019

Reunion Village


Reunion Village:  Welcoming Summertime Groups to the Regatta at Lake Arthur.

Looking for a unique way to gather with friends, family and colleagues next summer? Offer your group a private place to relax and enjoy "the premiere, all-ages, eco-recreational event in the region" at the 2019 Reunion Village. Imagine an exclusive tent with tables and chairs waiting for your group at beautiful Lake Arthur during our annual Regatta. Limited tents are available August 3 - 4, 2019 for groups of 50 or more.

FREE Activities: Moraine State Park is a natural playground for all ages. Enjoy - Lake Arthur Lily Pad Children's Area, Live at Lake Arthur: music & entertainment, land and lake races, along with a host of “learn-to” activities like standup paddle boarding, kayaking, family fishing, flycasting and more at SummersCool.

• Saturday, August 3: Tents 11am to 10pm with Traditional Fireworks Finale
• Sunday, August 4: Tents 11am to 6pm with Oliver Outdoor Native Butterfly Release & Memorial Finale

Packages begin at $15/person and include a personalized banner, event setup and cleanup.  Onsite catering packages are available, along with food concessions in our Marketplace. Note: alcoholic beverages are not permitted on state park property.  Promotion of the event is up to the discretion of the purchaser.

Contact Regatta Organizers for more information.