Mark your calendars for the 20th Annual Regatta at Lake Arthur - August 4th & 5th, 2018

Oliver Outdoor Native Butterfly Release & Tribute Finale

Presented by Oliver Outdoor, our Sunday tradition and evening farewell filled the sky with the color and movement from one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the Western Pennsylvania Monarch. Over 200 butterflies took flight in a mass release - a fitting send-off celebration for the 2018 Regatta weekend. Guests also received individual butterflies, gently housed in special envelopes and distributed in honor of a special someone or in memory of a loved one. 

Why do we do the Native Butterfly Release?

"Our state parks in Pennsylvania conserve nearly 300,000 acres of lands for the public to enjoy in many ways, but humans are not the only ones to benefit. Moraine’s 16,725 acres provides habitat for many wild animal species. Monarch butterflies, whose population across North America has alarmingly decreased, are dependent upon the milkweed plant. There are four species of milkweed native to PA, and we have introduced each of them in areas of the Moraine, and encourage their natural reproduction. Here at the park, we have five areas specifically managed to promote native wildflowers, such as milkweed. Volunteers and partner groups working with park staff have prepared ground, sown seed, and managed these areas to encourage milkweed and other native plants to provide not only educational messages and enjoyment, but to serve as habitat for resident populations, and provide way stations for migrating monarchs." - Natalie Simon, DCNR


Special thanks to those who have already secured a butterfly. Each of these special individuals were acknowledged verbally from the Main Stage at our August 5 event at 6pm:


Celebrating the life of: 

Kenley Boluda
Noah Baluda
Gail Cravenor
Paige Marie Cravenor
Baby Dalkos
Tabitha DeMark
Loved Ones of the Fullerton Family
Collin Gillpatrick
Connor Gillpatrick
Cameron Hughes
Evolette McCollums
Hakan McCollums
Riley McVay
Lynne Nicotero
Abigail Wingard


Honoring the memory of:

Frank Berry
Mrs. Carpenter
Alfred Cupps
Joan Cupps
John and Patricia Gillen
Bruce and Dorothy Good
Glee Hutchinson
Ricky Marks
Marie and Andy McAuley
Dennie Measel
Helen Miles
Merton Miles
Helen and Ed Miller
William and Carolyn Neal
Joyce Newvall
Deryl Emery Parsons
Dr. Robert Shaheen
Thelma, Orie, Dennie Measel, Gramma & Pap
Bill Thomas



In our 20th Anniversary year, we are overwhelmed by those who have led the charge over the last two decades to conceive, nurture and grow the annual tradition of the Regatta at Lake Arthur. It has taken many hands, and many hours to plan, organize, promote and orchestrate such a fantastic outdoor weekend festival. We are so thankful for all those who have served, and continue to serve, in leadership and support roles over these 20 years.


Special thanks to: 

Bethany Addams
Ron Anderson
Dawn Scott Barill
Sam Barill
Dave Burns
The Butler Eagle
Butler Fire Police (Eugene Bartlett)
John Bridges
Chuck Caputy
Steve Catt
Jack Cohen
Art Cordwell
Rick Cummings
Obie Derr
Dustin Drew
Roberta Eckman
Paul Egbert
Fish & Game Commission
Friedman's Market
Rita Getsay
Terri Getsay
Mike Hall
Christina Handley
Mike Handley
Harvey Flowers
Linda Harvey
Bruce Kemp
Lake Arthur Sailing Club
Royce Lorentz
Beverly Lumley
Dave McQuaid
Moraine State Park
Holly Muchnok
Geoff Nara
Elaine Nucci
Chris Panion
Lauri Paxton
St. Christopher at the Lake (Father Tosello)
Jerry Schreibeis
Kelly Schweiger
Rebecca Sheeler
Natalie Simon
Tiffany Singleton
Ian Smith
US Coast Guard Auxiliary
Emma Vetter
George Wagner
Keith Wehr
Todd Wehr
Ginny Whipple
Jake Weiland